2024 DStv Installation Price Guide: What It Costs and Where to Find Installers in South Africa

What It Costs and Where to Find Installers in South Africa

The 2024 DStv installation price guide shows costs can change. Prices go up or down depending on the setup you choose. For a simple setup in Pretoria, expect to pay between R500 and R1000.

More complex setups will cost more. The prices are set to adjust on 1 April because of MultiChoice South Africa’s price updates.

Finding DStv installers is easy if you know where to look. You can buy installation vouchers from select stores, which include both the service and the equipment like decoders. Always check for expert installers in your area to ensure quality work.

They’ll handle everything from setting up your dish to configuring your decoder, making sure you get the best view possible.

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All About DSTV Installation Costs

DSTV installation prices can change. This depends on what you want and where you live.

Installation TypeServices IncludedCost Range From
Standard InstallationIncludes dish, standard LNB, up to 25 meters of cabling, and installation service.R600 – R800
Explora InstallationComes with an Explora decoder, dish kit, smart LNB, up to 25 meters of cabling, and full installation.R1,500 – R2,500
HD InstallationFeatures an HD decoder, dish kit, single LNB, up to 25 meters of cabling, and professional installation.R800 – R1,000
ExtraView InstallationSetup of additional decoder, smart LNB, extra cabling, and comprehensive installation services.R2,000 – R3,000
Smart LNB InstallationInstallation of a smart LNB, includes necessary cabling adjustments and installation labor.R700 – R1,200
DStv RelocationMoving and reinstalling your dish and decoder, includes new setup and alignment, up to 25 meters of cabling.R650 – R1,100
Signal CorrectionDish realignment, potential LNB replacement, and cabling inspection and repair.R350 – R650

What Makes DStv Installation Prices Go Up or Down? Let’s Find Out

Several things affect how much you pay for getting DStv set up. The equipment needed and the type of service are big factors. For a basic setup, prices include putting in a single view HD tuner, metal satellite dish kit, smart card, one remote control cabling, and connecting to one television.

If your setup is more complex, like adding extra views or special accessories, costs go up.

Location plays a role too. Installing DStv in cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town might cost more because of travel distances and local rates. Next up: understanding different package prices can help you pick what’s best for you.

DSTV Installation Packages and Their Prices

DSTV Installation Packages and Their Prices

We’ve made a simple table to show DSTV installation packages and their costs. This table includes everything from the basic setup to full options with extra features. Prices start at R350 for adding more views, going up depending on what you pick.

Each package has a digital decoder, satellite gear, smart card, handheld controller, wires, and other bits.

Choosing the right package saved me both time and money.

Our table helps customers find expert installers nearby too. It takes into account different types of decoders like DStv Explora and factors that change prices like twin LNB inclusion.

You’ll see clear price tags for each option – no surprises later.

How to Locate Expert DStv Installers in Your Neighborhood

Finding expert DStv installers near you is easier than you might think. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations. People often share contacts of professionals they had a good experience with.

Online, check the official DStv website for a list of accredited installers in your area. These are the pros approved to work on installations, ensuring quality service.

If online searches or recommendations don’t do the trick, local forums and social media groups can be goldmines for information. Members frequently post their experiences with different services, including DStv installations.

Remember, choosing an accredited installer guarantees that someone authorised by DStv handles your setup or support needs effectively.

DSTV Decoder and Installation Prices Breakdown

Decoding the cost of DSTV Explora and dish setup is straight to the point. We cover everything from basic package costs to expert installation fees.

Price Details for DSTV Explora Installation

Getting your DSTV Explora set up will cost you R1599.00. This package includes the modern Explora 3A HD Decoder and everything needed for installation—no hidden fees! You’ll get an 80cm satellite dish vital for catching all those channels, plus a DStv Smart LNB essential for connecting to more than one decoder.

I upgraded to the DSTV Explora and was amazed at how smooth the entire process was – from payment to watching my favourite shows.

The best deal? A bundle with two of these decoders, Smart LNB, a sturdy metal satellite dish kit, remotes for each TV point, and 20M cabling is available too. Experts will handle the installation to two TVs in your home, ensuring a seamless viewing experience across multiple rooms.

Cost of Installing a DSTV Dish

Installing a DSTV dish will set you back between R1,500 and R3,000. This price covers everything needed for a basic setup. You get the satellite dish kit, all necessary accessories, smart card, one remote control device, wires, and getting it all up running to one television in your home.

Costs can vary based on where you live and the complexity of the installation. Some homes might need extra work that could raise the price.

Finding a deal within this range ensures you’re not paying too much or too little for quality service. Open communication with installers about what your installation includes is key to avoiding hidden costs.

After sorting out your dish installation, consider looking into decoder options next for a complete viewing experience.

Total Prices for DSTV Decoders with Installation Included

After sorting the cost for just a DSTV dish, you might wonder about getting everything set up—decoder included. For a complete entertainment setup, DStv packages come with a decoder, metal satellite dish kit, smart card, remote control, cabling and installation all aimed at one TV setup.

This bundle is perfect if you’re looking to have everything done in one go without needing separate purchases.

Customers can pick either a single view HD decoder package or get an installation voucher from PEP. Both options include 25km worth of travel for the installers to come over and set everything up.

The simplicity makes it easy to start enjoying your favourite shows right away. With these deals, DStv ensures customers get full value without hidden costs—making the price transparent from start to finish.

Typical DSTV Installation Fees Explained

Discover how much you’ll typically pay for getting DSTV set up in your home — it’s easier than you think to find out.

Detailed Table Showing the Average Cost of DSTV Installation

This table gives you the scoop on what you pay for DSTV setups. Basic installation with one receiver is around R500 to R1000. If you want more than one viewer, costs go up. Installing an extra watch spot will set you back between R350 and R400.

For those living in Cape Town, putting up a standard 80cm satellite dish costs about R1,500.

Labor charges per hour fall between R420.00 and R750.00 across South Africa. These prices help when planning your budget for a new DSTV connection or thinking of upgrading your setup.

No surprises here – just plain facts to guide you through the decision-making process.

Comparing DStv Installation Prices in Major Cities

Comparing DStv Installation Prices in Major Cities

Prices for DStv setups vary in big towns like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Finding the best deal means checking out the costs in these areas.

Find Out Installation Fees in Places Like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban

In Cape Town, getting DStv set up will cost you between R500 and R1000. This fee covers a basic setup with one decoder. It’s a small price to pay for access to top-notch entertainment.

Over in Johannesburg and Durban, the prices are out there too. You might find slight differences due to various factors like travel distance for installers or added services you choose.

Each city has its range of expert installers ready to get your service running smoothly. Keep an eye out for deals that can include everything from dish placement to fine-tuning your receiver setup.

New DSTV Installation Prices for 2024

Get ready for new DSTV installation prices in 2024. Expect changes that will fit your budget and needs perfectly.

A Table with Prices for Brand-New DSTV Installations This Year

The table shows the latest costs for brand-new DSTV setups in 2024. Prices range from R879 for DStv Premium, now at R929 a month, due to rate hikes between 3.1% and 7.8%. You’ll see everything—from DStv Explora decoder prices that changed on 1 February to installation fees across South Africa.

Looking at this table helps you find the best deal for your budget. It includes costs for all packages, dish installations, and decoder setups with full installation charges listed clearly.

What Factors Affect DSTV Installation Charges?

Several things can change how much you pay for DSTV installation. First, the kind of equipment and service you choose plays a big role. Opting for advanced devices like the DSTV Explora can increase costs.

Also, adding extra services such as high-definition viewing options will raise your bill.

Another key factor is where you live. Installation charges may be higher in cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban compared to smaller towns due to higher labour costs. The complexity of setting up your system also affects price; a straightforward installation in an easy-to-access location will cost less than one that requires special tools or additional wiring work.

I found this out when moving homes within Pretoria; a more complicated setup at my new place meant paying more than expected.

Tips for Saving on DStv Installation Costs

Moving from understanding what affects DStv installation charges, saving money on these costs becomes the next focus. Getting multiple quotes is a smart move. Reach out to several installers in your area and compare their prices.

This way, you can find the best deal for DSTV Explora or full setup.

Knowing about DStv Extra View might also cut costs down the road. It allows you to link multiple decoders under one subscription, which could be cheaper than paying for separate installations and subscriptions later on.

Keep this in mind if you’re planning to expand your viewing options at home without breaking the bank.

Understanding the Costs of Satellite Dish Installation

After learning how to save on DStv installation costs, let’s look into what goes into the price of putting up a satellite dish. The cost can change based on several things like the type of receiver you choose and where you live.

For example, setting up a standard 80cm dish in Cape Town costs about R1,500. Prices for installing a DStv Explora vary widely. These figures show that the kind of decoder—be it a basic HD PVR or an advanced Explora PVR—affects the total price.

Choosing an accredited installer is crucial for ensuring quality work. Gauteng DStv installers offer great deals for this service, making them a smart choice for those looking to keep costs down without sacrificing expertise.

Remember, the overall cost also includes full setup of your chosen decoder and metal satellite dish kit at around R950. Understanding these prices helps customers make informed decisions and pick packages that suit their needs and budget best.

What Customers Say: Reviews and Testimonials

Customers love the service from DStv Installers Johannesburg. They often share their happiness about the great job done. With 182 reviews on Trustpilot, many find these comments useful for making choices.

People say that using accredited installers for your DStv needs leads to excellent TV watching without any trouble.

DStv Installers Gauteng and those in Koster are praised for putting customer satisfaction first. Their hard work does not go unnoticed, with lots of positive feedback coming their way.

The right installer can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your DStv experience. Ready to find out how to get the best deals?

How to Snag the Best DStv Installation Deals

How to Snag the Best DStv Installation Deals

Check selected retailers like PEP for DStv installation deals. They often have special offers, including installation vouchers and price lock deals. Keep an eye out for trade-in options too.

Always choose the right package and decoder for your budget to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

DStv Gauteng, a provider of dish setups, gives cost-effective solutions. They consider what affects prices. Make sure to compare options in your area and ask stores about any current specials or discounts for pensioners.


1. How much does DStv installation cost?

The price for DStv installation varies, depending on your location and the package you choose, like the DStv Explora or Compact. Prices differ across South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

2. Can I find special deals on DStv Explora installation?

Yes, there are often specials available for installing a DStv Explora – it’s worth checking for current offers to save money.

3. What’s included in a full DStv installation price?

A full installation typically includes the dish, decoder – such as the DStv Explora – and setup by expert installers. The exact cost can depend on your specific needs and location.

4. Are there extra costs for DSTV relocations or installations in places like Bloemfontein or East London?

Moving your DSTV? Relocation services do come with additional costs; however, these vary based on where you’re moving to or from – whether it’s Sandton, Bloemfontein, East London or elsewhere.

5. How can I find out the exact price of installing DSTV in my area?

To get an accurate quote for your area – be it Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa – contact local DSTV installers directly; they’ll provide up-to-date pricing tailored to your needs.